Nintendo Blog Forum Is Now Open!

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Nintendo Blog Forum Is Now Open!

Post  Hodgie on Sat Feb 02, 2008 5:58 pm

I here by declair that the Nintendo Blog Forums are now open... now all that's needed is the members to increase our community here. While we're waiting for that to happen however, how about checking out our usergroups and apply to join, maybe give graphical contributions to the site, or even write up your own reviews!

Usergroups come with many different rewards. For example, moderators can create announcements, sticky topics, lock thread and even move topics about from one place to another (only when needed, mind!). The job also comes with a special badge... you want to moderate the forum now, don't you!
I guess it expected that we don't just pick our mods willie-nillie. You need to have some experience in forums, be trustworthy and honest, (we don't want people locking important topics now do we?) and, most important of all, be aware of the rules! (Which can be found here)

As well as Moderators we also have WiFi Members, soon to be created MoH Clan Members and even plans for more Nintendo Blog Staff, so there's a reason to stay active and become a part of our community!

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