Oh yet another? Paper Mario *REVIEW*

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Oh yet another? Paper Mario *REVIEW*

Post  Ugibah on Wed Apr 30, 2008 11:29 pm

The perfect sheet of paper.

Paper Mario is the original game in the triolgy and in my opinion is better then the Wii Version. Full of strange challenges in the two dimensional Mushroom kingdom this game was let down by its release date. It was 2001 (EU). The millenium had passed, and all had seemed to be well... until the Nintendo 64 had passed its time and let a new console take its place leaving the new arrival, Paper mario, to crumble away until a sequel was released. Many have heard/played Super paper mario: Thousand year door, however not many Nintendo fans have played this game. Being one of the Nerds that gets every game released, I bought this game and enjoyed it to the full!

Being one of the rarest games on the N64, due to not producing many cartidges, this game is a true gaming gem and costing little more then 5.00 this is a shockingly maginificent deal! Compare it to the recent Super Paper Mario released on the Wii, you will see there is no dramatic drop in visuals. The enviroments the characters live in and also the characters themself all looked quite literally two-dimensional, extremely charming and everything is full of charisma. (SP? ME NOT KNOW HOW TO SPELL XD) So. For the year it was released, the graphics are superb and need more appreciation then what it has already received.

Beautifully created and thought out, the soundtracks in this game is one of my favourites. Yuka Tsujiyoko, proved that music can change the mood of the areas, because as you storm from snowy landscape and vast deserts the lovely tunes change to match the posistion Mario and his partner is in.

No game would be an RPG without a roleplay fighting system would it? The gameplay is fairly familiar, but different to Super Mario RPG. Every time your rewarded with 100 star points, Mario increases a level. You can choose to raise your HP, FP (Special moves) or Badge points that allows you to hold more badges. Badges can be found over the kingdom to help mario out on his journey, giving you special abilities. Your party has 2 characters, obviously Mario being one of them. Even though your partner is low in HP, they are invincible. However if your partner gets hit, they cant attack for a few turns. Your other team member can prove to be helpful, and each has a power that Mario can benefit from.

The game, like most mario games, has 8 gorgeous landscapes to travel and explore around and plenty of dialogue to keep you occupied. Usually the mario kingdom has few words to say but being paper this game is almost a story book. Each level increases in difficulty, making Bowsers castle the hardest. Each Level has a boss, and many enemies to defeat making the game more challenging then its graphics may suggest.

Many people have underestimated the Paper mario series, however you should give this game a chance because it is magnificently superb.

Took to long.

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